Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Someone I  love deeply  is hurting.           
                                           I don't know how to reach out to her. 

On a twin bed, in the dark, we cling to one another as tears flood my ears drowning out the mighty sounds...and only you know.

Like paper torn and taped again, we are okay, but it is not alright.  Pieces of you and I are on the floor of my childhood room. 

Even when you cannot tolerate my optimism and I cannot sit in your sadness, I am here for you.  I am silently holding your hand. 

I see that in some ways, you are broken.  I see you.  You are not invisible, but stronger than you know. 

In the stillness of the twilight, in the depths of your despair, in a small place of your mind's eye is that room and I am clinging to you, sister.  You are not alone.  We are bound together. 
 Until never dawns. 

Love, B


  1. Beautiful...words that fill my soul with a love that only a sister can give. It's a love I will never truly understand as I wasn't born with a sister. But I look at my three little ladies and realize the love they share for one another that I will never comprehend. And on a funny note...I feel blessed to call you sister-from-another-mister!

  2. Funny that Brittney hasn't blogged since this, yet if she could blog today it would sound so similar - but to her sister-from-another-mister